Pop dots

This is the result of a tutorial to put  “pop dots” onto an image by using a halftone filter, the gradient tool, a cutout image which are the “tortured branches”, a background color layer, and a background image. I think I will try this technique on another set of images. I like the “tortured branches” in the image but I’m not sure that bird was the best choice of a background layer. I like the effect but I think you have to choose the right images to use the effect with. Both photos are courtesy of friend and raconteur Kevin Keelan.

Polka dotted bird


Rolling colored balls

This image is courtesy of Lolit Fabian. She has some really nice photos on her Facebook page. I used this photo to create depth and motion in an

Balls in motion

image. The assignment was to use a gradient in a layer mask to create a field of depth in an image.

UFO’s across the desert

This assignment was to use the pen tool to create vector shapes in a surrealistic drawing. I added a cactus plant (twice) grown by a friend to this field of cacti. I drew the heart shape and added patterns which I downloaded and added to Photoshop’s collection of patterns. I used the pen tool to cut out three different balloons and the kite. I filled the kite with a standard pattern (the first vector shape I did) . I used blending modes on the balloons and other vector shapes for a better composite image.

UFO’ s across the desert

Old photo restoration

I restored this photo using several tools including the dodge, burn, smudge, sponge, healing brush, and painting brush. I used a curves adjustment layer for the skin tone. The eyes were dull and the face was a little blurry so I tried to do what I could to improve the eyes. The technique to add sparkle to eyes from one of the videos helped.

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Charles Dickens montage

My montage on Charles Dickens. I thought this assignment was very challenging because it took imagination, creativity, and the ability to know what a good composite is supposed to look like.

Jimi Hendrix concert poster

This poster is made from a layer of wrinkled paper, an image of the band, and shapes to make this poster, which was meant to be a close copy of the original poster. I used Hobo Std text. I wanted to place text inside a shape as can be done in Illustrator,  but Photoshop doesn’t seem to have a text in an area tool. I am going to try to replace some of the text in this poster with text from Illustrator so that I can get a text to fit inside certain shapes like semi-circles to

Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Poster

Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Poster

look more like the original poster. I rasterized and warped some of the larger text in this poster.

Man dressed like Davy Jones on a mountain road

This main photo was taken by friend and photographer Tracy Keelan.  I changed the color and texture of the road, and added the person. The body of the person is Davy Jones which I took from an old magazine. The face is of another person who is not very happy that he is being used in this photo. However, other people appreciate it.

Fuchsia fans

This assignment was to develop a composite image using an intentional color theme. I chose a complementary color theme using a group of analogous colors for my complementary colors. The images used in the photograph, as well as the main photo, were taken by friend and photographer Tracy Keelan.

Composite duotone image #2

This was the second duotone composite image I did for the same assignment. I attempted to have good, sharp contrast between the eagle and the background.

Duotone composite image #2

Duotone composite image #1

This is the first duotone image I did and it was the more difficult of the two. I copied different parts of the water from the original image to make the water look like it was rushing out of the canyon slot.

Duotone composite image #1